Vision: To be an organization that link planning students to the corporate world and produce competent planners with ethics and integrity to deal with planning issues in the society.

Mission: To have consultation, partnership, forum with stakeholders and corporate world whilst undertaking programmes that will help link students to the world and enhance our reality to knowledge and core values so as to ensure the enhancement of academic freedom, excellence, and liberty and students welfare.


Planning Students Association (PLASA) is a student based professional organization of the Department of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Nairobi that involves students in undergraduate and post graduate programmes. One of the organization’s aim is to mobilize the wider planning society towards achieving its fundamental objectives. PLASA was established in the year 2003 after the inception of the undergraduate class in urban and regional planning. Since then, the organization has been involved in a number of activities that have benefited the students, various organizations and the community at large. PLASA‘s main objective is to propel the Kenyan society towards attaining sustainable development through spearheading of appropriate spatial planning initiated and/or supported by students.

PLASA is a very active students association in the school of built environment. As indicated in the in the mission statement, we link planning students to the corporate world through various interactions such as career talks from professionals in the built environment, attend conferences and conventions related to the development issues, organize events such as dinner, cocktails and parties that not only unite planning students during their time of study but also create a platform for networking with professional planners. PLASA also hold peaceful demonstration and walks to advocate for proper urban planning and development to be used done. This year, we celebrated the World Town Planning Day on 8th of November and we advocated for Non-motorized transport (NMT) system within our towns. This was done through cycling and walking. PLASA believes that work without play makes Jack a dull boy, for this reason, we hold sports day and fun days that we welcome other students from other departments as well as other activities. Through our hard work in propelling our Planning profession, we received an award as the best Planning students in Kenya by Town and County Planners Association of Kenya (TCPAK).

Core Functions

  • To educate the public on the need of incorporating spatial planning in development activities.
  • To link the academia,society and the professionals so as to tap into emerging issues.
  • To participate in and facilitate seminars, workshops, planning clinics and voluntary programs.
  • Enhance coordination of all young professional planners.
  • To maintain a well equipped and updated database of relevant planning information.
  • Promote partnerships with all stakeholders journal publication.